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WELCOME to a New Way of Living... 

I am so very passionate about Your Freedom, Your Transformation, Your Purpose.  So what do I do, simply this I help you laser in and identify the issues in your life that have you stuck, bound and limited in your everyday lifestyle.  I help you do the work by dealing with what's dealing with you.  

I want to help you get to the root of the issues so that you can get the breakthrough you need to walk in your TRUE IDENTITY, PURPOSE AND POWER! I assist you in Living Free! 

Living the life of your dream is very possible.  Are you Ready to Start Living Free from past issues, Ready to Breakthrough those unseen barriers and live the life you deserve?

Take the next step and schedule a Discovery Session or a 90 Minute Breakthrough Session to start your journey to Living Free! 

Stay connected with Sonya on her weekly Transformation Tuesday Conference Call at 7:30cst, (click the link)  it's all about you so sign here to recieved conference all number today.  


Your Transformation Lifestyle Strategist, Mentor and Speaker

Certified Professional Christian Life Coach 


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What others are saying...

Sonya J. Wells is REAL, RAW AND RELEVANT! She is multi-dimensional in her  inspiring delivery of truth and passionate about seeing change and transformation in the lives of Women! It was our pleasure in having her as our guest speaker at the 2014 iLIVE Women's and Girl's Wellness, Empowerment, Lifestyle Expo! ~Demi Austin Thomas, The Parent Coach

Transparent. Relevant. Empowering. These are just a few words that come to mind when Sonya J. Wells hits the platform. Unless you are ready to be challenged and changed, you don't want to invite Sonya! Her presentation style is savvy, unique and refreshing!  ~Kashonna Holland, Simpy Kashonna

I had a transformative call that I'm still in awe over the results. She ministered to my soul with God's love. For the first time in my 41 years of living, I felt that GOD LOVES ME in my heart - not on an intellectual level by religious dogma. It's hard to put into words the emotional and even physical shift I experienced. But I felt something very negative break from me and I'm excited for my future. ~M. Adams, Client

I had the pleasure of hearing Sonya Wells at a marriage conference for women recently and I was so impressed with her. Not only is she powerful and engaging; Sonya is personable and authentic. Her mix of humor and wisdom cause her audience to be enthralled and transformed. Any conference or meeting would be enhanced by inviting Sonya Wells to speak.  ~Dr. Trenace Richardson, Real Women

When I heard Sonya at the Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage Conference, I was blown away. She took charge of the stage, captivated the audience right from the start and delivered her message with power and authority. The speech was clear, engaging, humorous when necessary and just awesome. I have seen so many boring speakers rambling, not in tune with the audience..whew! Sonya was the total opposite. Hope to see her again soon!" ~Shawn Mason Spence, MA Author, Performing Artist and Healthy Living Expert