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I am all about creating a space and environment where you can do just that…evolve and transform your life from the inside out.  Why…because you deserve to get the best out of life, no matter what you’ve been through.

Here at “The {Trans-Formation} Place” I have created a space with you in mind.  It’s for that woman who senses more and even greater you are ready to do some work to have more!   You see you are in control of your life and all change starts with you making decision to do so.   Clearly you recognize that it’s time for a change, a makeover, a Trans-formation.

I define trans-formation as going from one state of being to another state of being.   Your being meaning your existence, your very life!  Are you living or just existing…if you are stuck, frustrated and tired of living in the bondage of your past, your fears and pain you are in the right place! It’s time to Live Free!

It’s my heart to support you, guide you, empower and minister to you, so in this space and place I have created resources to do just that.   Whether you are searching for identity, purpose, struggling with mindset, your emotional or spiritual issues or need help with your dreams we can deal with it here.

This is for stay at home momprenuers, business woman or woman of the word, I got you.  Take a look around, we have some great free stuff… (Transformation Thoughts from Sonya Blogs), you can even take me home in one of my home transformation programs.

If that’s not enough you can get you some one on one time with me through one of my signature mentoring, coaching and ministry programs.  It’s all about you breaking free from every limiting barrier in your life, so you ready…start here!

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Spiritual Enrichment and Personal Development

It’s just time and you know it, you been trying to figure out your identity, your purpose and your power for years on your own.   It’s been said that two are better than one and a threefold is not easily broken.   Structure mentoring and ministry is the most powerful way to be spiritually enriched and develop personally.  My very passion for mentoring was birthed out of my need to be mentored and could not imagine allowing another woman to experience my struggle.

As a mentor, transformation strategist and spiritual counselor I have developed a very intensive and interactive hands-on approach that will bring you immediate and lasting results. I have mentored and ministered to countless women through my programs and have seen their lives healed and transformed.   Through my Nine Month Women on Wings Spiritual Enrichment and Personal Development Program I have witness lives complete changed and women soar into their destiny.

If you simply need to deal with one area of your life and need a spiritual breakthrough we can do that too.

LFCEW Programs
FB - Content to Creation

Business/Ministry Coaching and Consulting

After struggling to grow my ministry and business I have learned that we all need coaching and consulting basically because there are some things we just don’t know.  I’ve learned so many lessons and know some things now that can save you time, energy and money.  Whether you are a struggling entrepreneur, an aspiring minister or dreamer trying to figure out how to launch your vision, I’ve been in all three places.  I would love to be your greatest cheerleader and coach you to success.

If you are seeking clarify for your vision and mission, need help with creating your programs and services or need to know how to manage your day to day marketing and social media.  I know I could help with getting things off the ground.   So you ready…

Ministry Equipping and Training

As a minister of deliverance as well as former pastor and leader I know all too well the many challenges that individuals face in a local church body or community. Many times the issues that arise are due in part to lack of training and equipping of your leadership. In addition, people are often wounded in their spirit and soul from constant attack from the adversary and struggle with generational issues that have gone under the radar for years.

Sometimes you need a specialist, which is exactly who I consider myself to be.  As a trained and certified deliverance minister I can help you resolve issues you have struggle with for years.  If you find you or your community or organization needing training, equipping and ministry in the area of inner healing and deliverance and strategic planning I have several training and program to assist you.  Let’s talk and get start on transforming your life and ministry.

DIY - Take Sonya Home

Need something right now to help you do some work on your life and yourself?  Trust me I get it, I am the self-help queen, I’ve read so many books you could call me a walking library.  Why…because I believe in dealing with my stuff, I don’t believe in stuffing what’s bothering me, this is why I have created these DIY Programs (do it yourself programs) for those who need something to get started on our journey of healing, wholeness and trans-formation.

I believe is investing in myself on a spiritual and personal level and these two program are small investment for someone of your great worth and value.   What are you waiting on…you can keep struggling or you can make a decision in the direction of your destiny and start walking in your true identity, purpose and power.  My two DIY programs “The Transformed Woman” and “The Authentic Living Guide” can be in your mail box in the next five minutes.  In addition you get a bonus gift that’s a secret you will only know when you make the investment in yourself first.  So what are you waiting girl…you didn’t just stop by here to read right. Get Started Today!