Thought to ponder: I know I will get some backlash from this, some will say I’m being religious or whatever but I know my intend. So I’ve been seeing a lot about Yoga and see a lot christian people into it. Now I of course am a minister and I believe that true peace comes from God alone, I know we may think there are many avenues to it but I beg to differ. I have personally did my research on Yoga, which means to be yoke with, join or unite with. The question I have what are you you uniting with or yoking with.

I have personally ministered to people who were involved in this and found themselves tormented by demonic spirits. Because they open up their chakra – energy centers which are what all the poses or positions in yoga are, they open you up to Hindu deity (demons). Don’t shoot me now, God says essay writer we are to be yoke with Him, He is our peace, joy, happiness, and the list goes on. I have cast out these demon which have names. I know some will say well they were doing something wrong or wierd ok whatever, but all I know is we are being deceived.

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