There a song by Yolanda Adam that is a mantra for me “Never Give Up”, whenever I am feeling discouraged or frustrated I play that song. You see every successful people gets weary and tried but the difference is they never give up.

Today I want to challenge you with this question…do you have determination? You see we all want success in our life whether it’s in your marriage, finances, job, business or ministry you want to have success right; you want to be able to see results from all of your labor. But what do you do when you feel stuck or limited by some external or internal circumstance because they will most definitely come for sure. If you are foolish enough to think they are not you are sadly mistaken. What you must have is a determination to succeed.

You see determination is when you have a made up mind. It is when you have decided that all other alternatives are not an option. The word implies that you have made a decision, a resolve and firm college essay writing service commitment to follow all the way through to the end. You hear me…it starts with a decision, a choice. I believe choices are the most power tools we have as “Spirit Being,” it’s what puts us in the God class. You see every choice will yield something in your life whether it’s life or death or blessings or curses. Never mistake that the choices you made are not relevant because you are living in them right now.

A key to your success is making a conscious decision about what you want and then being determined to follow all the way through until you succeed. The bible says this in Proverbs 12:24, “Diligent hands will rule…be diligent and determined and watch your success show up

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