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It’s just time to LIVE Free, it’s time to know thy own self, this one discovery will cause us to live in our authentic identity, purpose and power. I know all too well the struggle of trying to figure out life, desiring to know my true worth and knowing my purpose.  This pain has become my passion in life and the reason I do what I do.

Feeling stuck is no fun, desiring more and feeling frustrated with life can be very discouraging. But guess what, you don’t have to be any longer. I’ve been able to help so many women get unstuck, get healed from past pain, transform their thinking and walk into their purpose.

I do that in three ways…

  • Ministry…using biblical and spiritual principles to bring healing, transformation and wholeness in every area of your life.
  • Mentoring…using my life experiences, skills and training to help you overcome those areas of life that have you stuck by sharing my success in life, ministry and business.
  • Coaching and Consulting…using motivational and strategic techniques to help you uncover your potential as well as hold you accountable to living life to the fullest.


  • Sonya is a life coach with a genuine heart, a tenacious concern and a breadth of knowledge that is apparent. I keep this woman on speed dial!

    M. Anthony
  • Thank you for listening to my extraness and always redirecting me back to the truth. I have learned so much spiritually being connected to you. Woman….you know all kinds of stuff…the same way you view me in business is the way I see you spiritually.

    K. Allen
  • Sonya J. Wells has been chosen by our Father in this hour as an powerful, authentic and prophetic voice to lead the people to true healing and deliverance.

    T. Blount
  • Three words to describe this woman Spiritual, Powerful and Amazing. I wish I could tell the whole story but it will take me all day!

    H. Castellano
  • I am so thankful to Sonya for making me aware that it’s not too late for me and I am worthy for all that God has for me despite my past.

    J. Guy
  • Transparent. Relevant. Empowering. These are just a few words that come to mind when Sonya J. Wells hits the platform. Unless you are ready to be challenged and changed, you don’t want to invite Sonya! Her presentation style is savvy, unique and refreshing! 

    K. Holland
    Simply Kashonna
  • When I heard Sonya at the Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage Conference, I was blown away. She took charge of the stage, captivated the audience right from the start and delivered her message with power and authority.

    S. Spence
    MA Author, Performing Artist and Healthy Living Expert
  • I’ve had the honor of working with Sonya Wells. It’s very clear to me that she been blessed with the gift of healing. I’ve sought help for over a decade to overcome the scars from traumatic issues in my life, including growing up in a religious cult. Normally, I avoid anyone with any “religious” connection. However, I felt incredibly drawn to contact Sonya after listening to her on a teleseminar. My instincts get nudging me to call her and it’s the best thing I could have done. ~W. Owen

    W. Owens
  • Two days ago I had a transformative call that I’m still in awe over the results. She ministered to my soul with God’s love. For the first time in my 41 years of living, I felt that GOD LOVES ME in my heart – not on an intellectual level by religious dogma. It’s hard to put into words the emotional and even physical shift I experienced. But I felt something very negative break from me and I’m excited for my future.  M. Adams

    M. Adams

Women on Wings Spiritual Enrichment and Personal Developmentwomen-on-wings

It’s time to Soar into Your Destiny!

Are you seeking purpose, identity and transformation for your life?

Are you tired of dealing with the demons of your past?

Are you seeking clarity and direction for your life?

Are you simply tired of pretending to be someone that you are not?

Are you ready to live bigger, bolder and more confidently?

My nine month Women on Wings Spiritual Enrichment Personal Development Program will take you through spiritual healing, self-discovery and help you define your purpose in life.  This program will literally help you to breakthrough barriers, bring healing and wholeness and most of all push you in to your God-given purpose.

 The benefits and results at the end of your nine months of maturation are to birth you out so that you will do the following.

  •  Spiritual and Personal Accountability
  • Live in a place of healing and wholeness…spirit, soul and body
  • Have a greater sense of awareness of YOU – your authentic self
  • Become aware of your spiritual gifts and natural talents
  • Discover your personality type and characteristics
  • Identity your core values for successful living
  • Identify your life’s purpose and calling
  • Understand the difference between religion and relationship with God
  • Be transformed and empowered to live on purpose and in purpose daily
  • Shift your mindset from disempowered to empowered living.
  • Define your life’s vision and mission

Your life will never be the same!

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Life Encounter Session

Life Encounter Session is a One-on-One Ministry with image

You deserve to live a life of wholeness, freedom and purpose but it will take work to get there. This one on one session is one of the most powerful encounters you will ever experience in your life. It’s not counseling, it is an in depth ministry session that deals with the root of what’s dealing with you.

This session is to start you on a path to living a life of freedom from past hurt, emotional trauma, unforgiveness and other spiritual and emotional issues that are keeping you from living a fulfilling and purposeful life.

This is inner healing and deliverance ministry session. Sessions are private and confidential.

Who Can Benefit from a Life Encounter Session: 

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, then you may be a great candidate for a Life Encounter SessionLive Free With Sonya J. Wells

  • Why do I struggle with the same problems again and again?
  • What are “root spirits” and why are they there?
  • Why are there barriers I can’t get over?
  • Can I truly be healed from hurts in my life?
  • What are strongholds and how do how develop?
  • Why do I do the things I said I would never do?

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90 Minute Breakthrough Sessionbreakthrough3

A breakthrough is a sudden burst or power that thrust you into a new place, a new season or new opportunity in your life; it’s a force that pushes past any barrier that may be hindering your success in your personal, spiritual, emotional or business life.

The truth is all of us can get stuck and feel like quitting sometimes.  We can even know that something is not right however we feel powerless and even unsure of what to do.

are you feeling like you are simply stuck in a cycle of frustration? Do you sense in your heart that your life was meant for more but you feel like there’s a big roadblock standing in your way?

Here’s what a breakthrough session can do for you.

  • Get a clearer view of where you are.
  • Deal with that one challenge in your life that is of most frustration to you.
  • Determine what is of most important to you and what you should focus on.
  • Deal with the root issues through prayer ministry to deal with those emotional and mindset issues that are keeping you stuck in the same cycle of frustration.
  • Create a strategy to assist you in breaking through the barriers in your life.
  • Step into your position of Creator to get the positive solutions you desire.

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Host a Seminar, Workshop or Retreat

Matters of the Heart – One Day Healing RetreatMatter of the Heart Book cover

A One Day Inner Healing and Transformation Retreat
Issues of life can limit you…It’s time to deal with what’s dealing with you!

Proverbs 4:23 Guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life.

This one-day intensive retreat was created to address those deep places within your heart that you have not had the courage to uncover.

It’s designed to go straight to the root of the problem. This retreat is only for that woman that is ready to come face to face with the reality of your life, but more importantly move past it into a place of wholeness, healing and transformed living. So if that is you don’t delay, there are ONLY 20 SEATS available because we want to keep it intimate and be able to touch and minister to every woman individually.

Living Drama Free Seminar

This is a 5 hour seminar that is interactive and intensive; which means you have to be a willing participant, you have to be honest and open to receive the healing and transformation you came for.  Interaction with Sonya is allowed with regards to other participants, you are allowed to ask questions however lengthy statements or comments should be kept to a minimum.   Please be respectful of other people in the room, what happens in this seminar stays in this seminar, please respect others participant’s right to be open and free to receive.

This seminar is design to help you identify the issues of your past and present that are keeping you living is a cycle of drama, this is a powerful mind shifting seminar that literally opens up your understanding to how you may be playing out the various roles in the cycle of drama.

You will gain a clear perspective of the root causes of the drama in your life, receive healing from emotional trauma, walk through the steps to forgive your persecutor and break free from the victim mindset to shifting your thinking to a victorious creator.

Seminar Outline:

  1. The Origin of Drama
  2. The Dread Drama Triangle (DDT)
  3. Dealing with Your Drama Triggers
  4. The Empowerment Dynamic (TED)
  5. Prayer of Affirmation – Celebration

He Gave You PowerHGYP Notebook PNG

“He Gave You Power,” Deliverance Equipping and Training is for the believer who is ready to embrace their Godly inheritance as well as walk in their Kingdom authority. We love God and His church but have not fully been healed, delivered and transformed in our mind. We find ourselves struggling with bondage, generational curses, emotional trauma and unforgiveness which robs us the abundant life we were called to have.

This twenty-four hours of training will start you on that journey of personal healing and deliverance as well as prepare you to minister deliverance in a very strategic, powerful and effective manner.

Training for churches, ministers and leader who feel called to deliverance ministry.

The objectives of this training are as follows: 

  • Establish a clear understanding of the biblical foundation of deliverance in scripture.
  • Gain an understanding of your spiritual authority and power as a believer.
  • Learn what Jesus’s views on deliverance, church’s roles and responsibility.
  • Recognize and understanding how the enemy coming into our lives.
  • Understanding and recognize what generational curses are and how to break them in your life and family.
  • Gain an understanding of the power of forgiveness and inner healing and how it can change your life.
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of inner healing in relationship to deliverance.
  • Learn the how to of deliverance ministry, the lifestyle of a deliverance minister and the different types of deliverance.
  • Experience personal healing and deliverance in your own life.

Small Business/Ministry Coaching and Consulting

Drama Free Workplace Seminar Drama Free workplace (1)

Drama Free Workplace is an interactive and engaging workshop that will help team members and leaders reflect on and answer three vital questions central to creating a resourceful and empowering work environment while working toward one common outcome for the organization. Drama Free Workplace is a two-day workshop that presents an alternative framework to the everyday workplace drama.  By introducing The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) which provides an “antidote” to reactivity, allowing more adaptive, sustainable positive change as leaders keep their focus on creating desirable long term outcomes. The TED* model is increasingly being used in innovative leadership development and team development course across the world. Sonya is an approved TED* Practioner.

  1. Where do you put your focus? – Do you focus primarily on problems or on outcomes?
  2. How do you relate to others, yourself and your experience? – Do you relate in ways that produce or perpetuate stress and anxiety or in ways that lead to resourcefulness and empowerment of others and yourself?
  3. What actions are you taking? – Are you merely reacting to the problems that you face or are you taking generative action in service of creating the outcomes you, your management envisions?

I use this framework in my personal life and work and I’m confident of the impact it can have on your team and leaders both personally and professionally.  My objective is to help your organization apply TED*’s positive approach to their life and workplace challenges.

Workshop Objective:

  • Identify what workplace drama is and the mindset that causes it.
  • Learn an action planning framework that allows long-term outcomes to be achieved and embodied a sense of what it means to shift from reactive to outcome oriented mindset.
  • Help team member gain a deeper awareness of their unique triggers that evoke their default drama roles and the strategies each team member can use to manage their anxiety.
  • Understand how fulfilling the unmet needs behind each of the three DDT roles is essential in order to facilitate the shift to the TED* roles.
  • Gain a new felt-sense of the neurological shift that accompanies their shift in mindset.
  • Improve their ability to work with competing commitments that keep clients stuck in old patterns.
  • Experience how each coach’s personal shift from drama to empowerment is the key to becoming transformative coaches.
  • Create a foundation for common language for working together in a more resourceful, trusting, empowering and creative way.
  • Provide several frameworks through which team members can process interpersonal and group dynamics with powerful and direct language
  • Apply an action planning process to put these practices and principles into place internally and externally, by providing valuable business services; and
  • Assist the executive/leadership team with creating a set of commitment that will create long term, sustainable change.
  • Design an interactive, experiential, fun and engaging educational experience that has lasting impact.

From Content to Creation

Turn your Content into Product that produces Profit!FB - Content to Creation

Are you a speaker, trainer, coach or minister who has tons of content that’s just sitting around in your head or computer?  Do you find yourself constantly creating content as well as teaching it but haven’t found a way to turn it into a profit producing product or service?

You can keep teaching, training and sharing what you know and giving it away or you can take your content and create a curriculum based product, signature talks or service that will generate residual income for you.  Have you thought about creating your own content – your own program – to use as the foundation for your individual or group coaching? Developing your own coaching program or system is an excellent way to attract more clients, increase your credibility and enable clients to get better results.

Why not take your many years of experience along with all of that content and create a signature program or product that can produce long term revenue?  You have no excuses it’s time to take action!

Here’s how I can help you get started…

  • Clarify what you want to create – workshop, online training, workbooks, signature talk, sales or training power point presentations
  • Design and create your curriculum based program, workbook and power point presentation
  • Design and set up your teaching platform – webinar or teleseminar
  • Create your forms, autoresponders and other emails as needed
  • Create your sale and registration landing page

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