Greeting to You!

Welcome to the Transformation Place a unique place that I designed to partner with individuals like you on a monthly basis to assist them in identifying their purpose, walking in freedom, transforming your mindset and walk into your destiny. We all have a desire to do what God has called us to do and walk in the fullness of what he has planned for our lives.

However, the journey is not always easy and the answers are not always clear. We have all reached a point in our walk with the Lord that we need clarity, focus, or direction. Sometimes the trials of life and the obstacles opposing us make it difficult to see the track God has for each one of us specifically that will connect us with destiny. This is why we found a program like this necessary. It is our aim to bring clarity to your vision, passion to your purpose, and a pathway to your destiny. Using a combination of customized tools and resources, our advisement program will help you achieve your professional, ministerially or personal goals. Our team of advisors and ministry placement specialists are qualified to help you identify your passion, place you in your calling, and occupy your destiny.