Ready for change, need change, but scared?

So am I. I realized that my style of in-your face, deal with it and keep it real was really needed in the marketplace. Most coaches are choosing to be fluffy, indirect and, in my opinion, ineffective. I look to take my clients through breakthrough and sustainable transformation. In simple terms, I don’t want to hype you up for a few days and when you get home you don’t have any tools, any steps or guidelines to help you stay the course, so you go back to the same thoughts and habits. I want you to leave my program singin’ my girl Mary J, “Noooo Mooore Dra-ma.” Yes, I’m snapping my fingers right now with you. No more drama.

Time for me to help you live drama-free or at least learn how to overcome the drama of life! .

Why am I the one to help you?

First let me introduce myself. I’m Sonya J. Wells, trans-formational life coach and speaker. Now, that’s the formal stuff. If you are asking, who I am then that depends on who you talk to. My husband would say “my crazy, funny and supportive wife.” My children would say “my insightful, straightforward, loving mom.” And my clients…well, it depends on what day you ask because in the beginning, change is difficult, so they may not be excited or even positive but they will say she pushed me to deal with my stuff.

But my experience over the past 20 years of ministering, coaching and mentoring women has taught me that a lil push, maybe a kick toward purpose is what is needed to make real, lasting change in our lives.

  • Two days ago I had a transformative call that I’m still in awe over the results. She ministered to my soul with God’s love. For the first time in my 41 years of living, I felt that GOD LOVES ME in my heart – not on an intellectual level by religious dogma. It’s hard to put into words the emotional and even physical shift I experienced. But I felt something very negative break from me and I’m excited for my future.  M. Adams

    M. Adams
  • I’ve had the honor of working with Sonya Wells. It’s very clear to me that she been blessed with the gift of healing. I’ve sought help for over a decade to overcome the scars from traumatic issues in my life, including growing up in a religious cult. Normally, I avoid anyone with any “religious” connection. However, I felt incredibly drawn to contact Sonya after listening to her on a teleseminar. My instincts get nudging me to call her and it’s the best thing I could have done. ~W. Owen

    W. Owens
  • When I heard Sonya at the Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage Conference, I was blown away. She took charge of the stage, captivated the audience right from the start and delivered her message with power and authority.

    S. Spence
    MA Author, Performing Artist and Healthy Living Expert
  • Transparent. Relevant. Empowering. These are just a few words that come to mind when Sonya J. Wells hits the platform. Unless you are ready to be challenged and changed, you don’t want to invite Sonya! Her presentation style is savvy, unique and refreshing! 

    K. Holland
    Simply Kashonna
  • I am so thankful to Sonya for making me aware that it’s not too late for me and I am worthy for all that God has for me despite my past.

    J. Guy
  • Three words to describe this woman Spiritual, Powerful and Amazing. I wish I could tell the whole story but it will take me all day!

    H. Castellano
  • Sonya J. Wells has been chosen by our Father in this hour as an powerful, authentic and prophetic voice to lead the people to true healing and deliverance.

    T. Blount
  • Thank you for listening to my extraness and always redirecting me back to the truth. I have learned so much spiritually being connected to you. Woman….you know all kinds of stuff…the same way you view me in business is the way I see you spiritually.

    K. Allen
  • Sonya is a life coach with a genuine heart, a tenacious concern and a breadth of knowledge that is apparent. I keep this woman on speed dial!

    M. Anthony

I care that much about people.

I want to see you succeed, overcome and soar. I am compassionate and confrontational when it comes to helping you change your life. My professional experience is both in corporate and ministry setting. I have worked as Project Manager, Executive Assistant and Office Manager in both corporate and ministry settings.I have been both Pastor and Chief Prophet in various local churches and also functioned as a Certified Lay Counselor and the Director of Deliverance Ministry Department. In short, my whole adult life has been spent on helping others live in freedom and in wholeness. And I want to help you do the same.

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