A Liberator and Solutionist…

You will not find a mentor, coach or minister who is more passionate about you and your spiritual enrichment and personal development than this woman here…she feels you and sees you when you cannot see yourself.  A woman simply on a mission to transform, heal and empower women from all walks of life.

Sonya is an experienced teacher, life coach and prophet who travels extensively helping audiences experience revolutionary breakthrough, transformation and healing in every area of their lives.

She is funny, relevant and a spiritual motivating force. She has an in-your-face, deal-with-it style that is powerful as well as compassionate! She will push you to take action in your own life.  Sonya has authored several spiritual enrichment and personal development programs; “Women on Wings”, “The Transformed Woman”, “The Authentic Living Guide” as well as other seminars and workshop training to assist you in Living Free!  A Certified Christian Life Coach, Ordained Minister and Prophet, who is on a mission to liberate and bring you into your true identity, purpose and power!

Live Free With Sonya J. Wells

A Speaker and Transformer…

As a speaker the moment she hits the stage, she captivates the audience. She has the unique ability to connect with audiences on both secular and spiritual platforms, while still delivering an impactful and life changing talk or message. For 20 years, she has inspired, guided and instructed countless women to move through difficult situations and to conquer those matters in every area of their lives that have them stuck, unfulfilled.

Sonya speaks with authority and has a direct yet compassionate style that makes her relatable to any audience.

Her goal for every speech is to move the audience from dis-empowered living to empowered living!   For more information on how you can book or work with Sonya J. Wells for your next event feel free to contact her.  Click here to request more information or for Sonya’s media sheet to book her at your next event.

A Mother, Wife and Friend…

Your everyday woman who understands your struggle, who knows and is familiar with many of the same frustration you have faced.  Sonya’s life is a demonstration of a woman who has overcome many of the same things you have experienced: insecurity, discouragement, fear, betrayal and deep seated pain.  Yes…this is what makes her so effective in walking you out of those dark places in your life.  So just know you are not along my dear, you have an advocate and friend who will walk with you until you are all the way out…until you are Living Free.  Sonya is a wife of over 30 years, a mom and grandmom, but most importantly, a servant of God.